Funky Friday Song of the Day- Midnight Star

I first heard this song on one of my favourite radio stations, WBLK. I would tape songs using my cassette tapes and remember listening and LOVING IT!
I know you’ve all done this…taping the dj at the end of the song, because you didn’t reach for the PAUSE button quick enough. Well this song had the DJ at the end of the song and after a while I’m thinking its part of the song. (you all know what I mean)

I AM ALI The Documentary

From the producers of Searching for Sugarman, comes a documentary of the man who FLOATS LIKE A BUTTERFLY AND STINGS LIKE A BEE, the greatest boxer in the world MUHAMMAD ALI. The film is called simply, I AM ALI. It delves into the more intimate, solitude and loving side of the Boxing Legend. Interviews and never before phone conversations with family and friends, as we learn what makes Ali’s heart tick. Looks like a real tear jerker, and I am looking forward to it. Coming to a theatre near you
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