Funky Friday Song of the Day- Tanya Morgan feat. Nitty Scott MC

First let me say, I love female MCs….
I just discovered this tune after my weekend viewing of HOT 97 interviews with Ebro and Rosenberg
With my constant curiosity of new music, and my obsession with “celebratism”, out comes the wonderfulness of Nitty Scott MC.
I had never heard of her and honestly was attracted to her “look”.
I continued to listen and found out that she’s an MC, from Brooklyn, and thanks to youtube I discovered her collaboration with other artist. This one, with Tanya Morgan. I love the sound because it reminds me of summer

Here’s another great tune, with the amazing rapper/poet Kendrick Lamar
This tune has a very Digable Planet feel and she sounds identical to Ladybug Mecca, from the same group

Funky Friday Song of the Day- Blondie

This song is STILL kickin’!
The first time I saw the video “Rapture” by Blondie, I discovered how sexy and kool she really was.
I loved that she was this beautiful punk rocker “chick” rapping over a funky cool beat. She caught my eye, and so did this 1981 music video.
The nod to street culture was great. With the grafitti artist, the ballerina, the dancer in the white tuxedo, and of course the single guy on the turntable who happens to be artist and NYC legend, JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT.

btw Toronto…
The JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT art collection will be on exhibit at the AGO starting February 7, 2015 until May 10, 2015. If you love him and you want more, check out Basquiat Now


Funky Friday Song of the Day- The Cypher (BET 2014)

I LOVE HIP HOP and RAP and I am a HUGE FAN of the CYPHER, featured every year as part of the 2014 BET AWARDS. Its freestyle rap featuring up and coming rappers as well as some legendary hip hop artist. I chose this one because…well, I just did.
You can check them all out right here