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Funky Weekend Song of the Day- Beyonce

Aiiighht y’All!
Let me start by sayin’ “DAMNNNNN B…DAMN!”…
This week I experienced Queen Bey’s Formation Tour, and I have to tell you, I was astounished by the pristine production, amazed by the band and dancers, excited by the energy of the concert, in love with the creativity, and in absolute awe of Queen Bey.
I know it is a combination of Beyonce and her amazing team of players, some handpicked by her I’m sure, that have put this extravaganza together. But from what I’ve heard, she has complete control of what we will see, hear and experience, and to her I say BRAVO!
Along with Janet’s Velvet Rope and Prince Lovesexy tour, Formation is hands down, one of the best that I have ever seen. It was an evening of spectacularism (just made that word up I’m sure)….but its so fitting. I had never seen anything like it
It was an inspiring experience for all women. It did make me feel strong when I left. My friend and I discussed how we felt we could do anything now, and that is all because of Beyonce’s anthem of Womanhood and strength. I only wished my sweet baby girl could have experienced this evening with me.
The all women dancers were crazy, the stage was clean and slick and Beyonce was ridiculous. She set the bar way high for all acts to come…Good Luck y’all!
It was a night of celebration, love for oneself, betrayal, strength, sexiness and lots and lots of eye candy
As the evening ended she blessed us with words of encouragement for all women. She said…believe in your dreams, work hard and you can be here like me. Let’s be honest Bey, we all can’t be up there like YOU…u know what I’m sayin’ girl
You have stepped into yourself…comfortably and with true conviction.
I am now a proud member of the Beehive, Bitches!

Here is a link to the best moments of one of the most innovative albums eva’

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