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Serena Williams emotional return to Indian Wells


In 2001, 19 year old Serena Williams played a match in Indian Wells, located in California. She was, as well as her family faced with boos and cowardly name calling before, during and after the match. She was faced with pure racism. 14 years later, at the age of 33, with the support of her sister Venus, who continues to boycott Indian Wells, Serena Williams decides to return to this place that left her with feelings of distrust and hate. Here is The Guardian’s perspective on her emotional return this weekend

As an avid tennis fan, and a fan of the Williams sister, I had never seen this match in 2001. But in watching it today on youtube, I felt very emotional and angry as to what I heard and saw. I could not imagine what a young Serena Williams felt during this match, but it clearly showed me her strength, self-confidence, resilience and belief in herself. I am now a BIGGER fan of this incredible woman, and athlete


Photos courtesy of: (Serena in tears): Julian Finney/ Getty Images, (Compton sign): John G. Mabanglo/ EPA

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