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Sport Story of the Summer


I LOVE NATURAL ATHLETES, and my current admiration is for Little Leaguer MO’NE DAVIS
This 13 year old baseball pitcher, threw a shutout (the first girl to ever do so), in the Mid-Atlantic Final. It sent her team, Philadelphia Taney Dragons, to the World Series, AND NOW, she is gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine

Few female athletes have graced Sports illustrated magazine, aside from the women dressed in their itsy bitsy bathing suits for the annual swimsuit edition. By 2011, 95% of MEN graced the cover, while 5% featured a woman and 1.5 percent featured a woman of colour

I am proud of Mo’ne for several reasons. She is a young black athlete who has accomplished such an amazing feat, and most importantly, she is a young woman with confidence in herself. Yes she is gracing the cover of one of the most distinguished and recognizable sports magazines in the world, but with or without that accomplishment, she is still a confident black young woman
The more we see, the more we recognize ourselves. The more accomplishments of our young black girls and girls in general, are acknowledged, the more confidence and empowerment they will have in themselves

Mo’ne is a role model for all girls.
Hopefully it will create normalcy in girls joining both boys and girls teams, and bringing pride to THROWING LIKE A GIRL

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