Funky Friday Song of the Day- Solange

I saw it all over social media and people were just raving about this new album. I have to admit when I first heard of Solange, I appreciated her style and uniqueness, but wasn’t grooving so much to her sound.
But this song did it for me. “Don’t Touch My Hair”, is an anthem for all black people, and I love it
The groove is amazing, and the chorus is even better. I love the creativity of the music video. If I was to ever watch live artwork come alive in a prestigious museum, it would look like Solange’s newest video…its that Beautiful.

Funky Friday Song of the Day- Barry White and Love Unlimited Orchestra

1974, this song came out and my parents were all over it!
We had all of Barry White’s albums, singles, various versions etc. Household name in our home
I remember seeing Barry White on Soul Train and thinking to myself “….this brotha is a bad mutha”. His slick hair, his style, his VOICE
He didn’t make me melt, but I did pay attention to his music. It was unique at that time with the Love Unlimited Orchestra, and I believe still stands up to this day. It was real music, with real musicians and a real band
1974 killed us with some damn good music

Little White Lie

“Little White Lie” is a documentary that delves into the life of director and main character, Lacey Schwartz. Lacey clearly looked different from her Jewish family, but lived her life as a white person. In peeling back the layers, she discovers a family secret…her mother had an affair, hence Lacy learning her true identity. She

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