Funky Friday Song of the Day- Alicia Keys

Great Performance!!!
I love this video for so many reasons. First, “Heartburn” is a kickin’ tune. Two, her voice is amazing. Three, the backup singers and band where killin’ it, and Four, she looked fabulous….and OH! those legs in silver shimmer.
From the 1st guitar rift, reminiscent of the 1970 blaxploitation film soundtracks, the groove is, and remains funky. Alicia Keys’ strut within the shadow, is just so cool, and so fine…Foxy Brown, Cleopatra Jones and Shaft would be so proud. Tina Turner too, with all that slick and funky shimmying. Can’t get enough

Funky Friday Song of the Day- Grace Jones

She opened my eyes and ears to something so unique and KOOL!
Grace Jones, a woman that lives her everything…all of she..genuine and a HUGE way. It is Beautiful and so is she
It was hard for me to pick just 1 great song, because I love Grace Jones, so I chose a big hit of hers “Pull Up To my Bumper Live”
What an amazing video full of the same ol’ thang that I always love about her performances…PURE ARTISTRY
Why? well, it’s just that FUNKY!