Juno Nominee- Rich Brown “Abeng”

Congratulations to one of the most notorious Bass Players in Toronto, Rich Brown, who’s latest album “ABENG“, is nominated for a JUNO for Best Jazz Album of the Year Solo. It is such an honour to have Afrodelik’s original design as the cover art for this beautiful gem of music.

Rich Brown is undeniably a VERY FUNKY MAN!
He is an amazing Jazz Bass player, but also a huge fan and player of tha’ FUNK. Without hesitation, Rich was my first choice in recording a funky track for my AFRODELIK COMMERCIAL. He recorded our vocals for the song, added just enough nasty funk, and VOILA…PERFECTION!
Such a fan of Such Great talent. Rich Brown I am so Proud of you. To you and the band, I wish you the best TONITE. LET’S DO DIS BROTHA!!!

Funky Friday Song of the Day- Rough Trade

Folks who have known me for a while know my huge love for the band, Rough Trade.
This early tune of theirs “Take Me”, is one of my favourites
The first time I heard them in the early 80’s, I thought lead singer, Carole Pope was a black woman. She was soulful, edgy, raw…she HAD IT, and I was hooked…big time.
This band opened me up to sexuality, raunchiness, edginess, brilliant lyrics and true talent. I was in LOVE. I am a true fan of this Canadian band and tonight, they will be performing their entire 2nd album “Avoid Freud” at the Phoenix in Toronto.
YES, I’ve bought my ticket, and I am as excited as I was when I was a teenager.
It will be a joy to sing all those tunes again, and hangout with my “besties” LOL!
There are still tickets available, but unfortunately the VIP tickets to meet the band are not.
But as the old days, I will do my best to stay close to the STAGE DOOR…
Check out the review of this epic concert, coming soon

TDot’s Best

3 of OUR BEST of the BEST in the TDOT!
Funky Rich Brown on Bass, The Grooviness of Larnell Lewis on Drums, and Mr Soul Man himself, Wade O’ Brown on Vocals and Keys
This trio killed it with their soulful rendition of Bob Marley’s “Turn Your Lights Down Low”
First note…Goosebumps….Guaranteed you will too!

THIS SATURDAY, August 29th, Rich Brown will be performing at his fundraiser, for his newest album “ABENG”.
It’s all going down in Toronto at ARRAY SPACE, where Rich will be accompanied by a full band, playing selections from his 3 albums. If you love REAL MUSIC, and REAL TALENT…you can’t miss this evening. Check out the Facebook Invitation here

Cover Design of Rich Brown’s newest CD “ABENG” was created by yours truly. What an honour for AFRODELIK!

Funky Friday Song of the Day- The OBGMs

…which stands for The oOohh Baby Gimme Mores, and this is their latest video “Torpedo”
The OBGMs are a funkin’ Hard Punk band from the land of the T-DOT. Named in 2014 by BLOGTO, as one of the TOP 10 Breakout Bands, they have and continue to make their mark to the world. Check them out here and tell them AFRODELIK sent ya, and its our funkin’ pleasure

Finally a moment with Spike

Finally, this weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the inspirations behind my love and passion for films and filmmaking…Shelton Jackson…”Moooookie”…a lover of the New York Knicks….Mr Spike Lee himself. I had decided long ago that I was no longer going to stand in line for any “celebrity” types, except of course, Janet

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