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Review of Janet Jackson “Unbreakable” CD and Tour


ok I know y’all been waitin’ to hear my review of Janet’s new CD “Unbreakable” LOL!!…well here it is….You Ready?!
I am a huge Janet fan, and to be honest there was a period in which I could not relate to her music. It seemed separate.. removed from her, and I just couldn’t get into it…no love lost of course, but “Unbreakable”… I like..A LOT

I think that if you let go of what she’s done in the past and realize that she is on a new journey in her life…this album will speak to you. It’s a much more mellow, mature and smooth album. Her vocals are truly the focal point of “Unbreakable”. The sweetness of her voice is clear and much more refined. The maturity of her lyrics, and the rhythms are the strength of this album. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis do not less us down with their magical rhythms distinct with this duo. Songs like “Dream Maker/Euphoria” takes you back to the 60’s, with a modern vibrational sound, with Janet still focused on helping the world. “Damn Baby” is a return to the classic r ‘n b sound from the 90’s that are hits even to the present. “Burn it Up” her collaboration with Missy Elliott (YEAH!!) is a funky dance tune, that will make you dance even if you don’t want to. The chorus in “Lessons Learned” reminds me of the sounds of the brilliant Joni Mitchell, with a touch of “Got ‘Til its Gone” and strong lyrics about abusive relationships and co-depency. “Gon’ B Alright” is a 70’s throwback to the Jackson Brothers sound, with the signature tambourine rhythm. I love this tune
As other Janet album this is a personal and telling cd that access her fans to her present state of being, mindset and overall attitude about herself and the world around her.
For a listen to “Unbreakable”, click “>HERE
I am a HUGE Janet fan. Saw her perform about a month ago, for the 5th or 6th time, at the ACC. I had expectations of what I wanted to see. It began with the lights going down, the audience including myself, screaming. Reminiscent of the Hitchcock thriller “The Birds”, an intense projection of thousands of birds flying, materialized. Then a huge black eagle appeared, and slowly *poof*, as the Eagle diminished, Janet’s shadow appeared in the background, with a cool stance that is only Janet’s…I had GOOSEBUMPS. “Burn it Up” started and MISSY ELLIOTT was projected on huge curtains…We all started Getting Down. I danced and sang her hits, and after a few songs, it was clear that this Janet was more tamed, less provocative. I missed that Janet. What was present, is Janet’s natural sexiness, consistent tight dance moves, backed by an all female dance group that got down…HARD. The choreography of her hits were performed perfectly, and she didn’t let us down. But there was something different about the 49 year old Janet (can you believe it) It was HER…she was different. As soon as I looked past the shiny lights, felt her energy, and just watched and listened…I was IN, no doubt..it was easy. As many in the stadium I sang the hits, danced, screamed and enjoyed her newness. Her latest songs were deeper, more loving, and more about helping the world. Remindful of her music from “Rhythm Nation”, and her famous brother Michael’s, life mission. It was lovely for me to see

“Unbreakable” is like no other Janet CD you’ve heard before, and I like that.
I am along this journey with you Janet and I am excited for your ever growing personal and spiritual growth.
….and girl, I LOVE YOU. You still remain VERY sexy to me and this album is Beautiful!

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